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about Serge

Due to the fact that I have several degrees and had a chance to work in various creative fields: artist/designer, fashion designer, dancer/choreographer, art director/director, writer, educator, resume geared towards specific profession available upon request. 


I was born on a sunny but cold February morning in 1962 in a family of Musicians. From a young age I was interested in visual arts, biochemistry, music and dance, which enabled me to receive an eclectic education: first in Mititchi Fine Art School, then in Moscow University of Fine Chemical Technology, then in the State University of the Theater Arts and later in the USA in the Art Institute of California. Orange County. 

I think I put my education to good use, as I enthusiastically worked in many creative fields from drawing tutor, actor and choreographer to art director, cinematographer and stage designer. One thing is certain – I never did anything I did not like.

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